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Family portrait in motion

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThis family had a blast at their portrait session in my studio. Check out our fun totem pole GIF! Given their sense of fun, the only giveaway that they’re all adults is their height.  

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Growing Family

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThese brothers cavorted together at the photo shoot, but they (and their dad) kept an eye on mom the whole time, well aware that a newcomer is about to change their world.  Looking forward to the […]

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Superheroes in my studio

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThe entire extended family was a blast to photograph, but the toddlers ruled the universe.

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My clients make me feel old…

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblr…and I mean that in the best of ways. I love working with clients over time. My very first professional gig as a photographer was a wedding in the Hudson Valley over a decade ago. […]

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Son and father.jpg

Luke, I am your father

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI admit it — this post’s title sounds a lot better coming from Darth Vader.*  Besides, I’m not your father, I’m your photographer. And your name’s not Luke. No better sign that the holidays are upon […]

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Which came first: this boy’s hair or the color of a changing leaf?

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI realize the order of events may seem off, but when God created autumn, he HAD to have used Ezra’s hair and eyes as reference points for the leaves and sky.  Central Park was the […]

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Personalities make the portraits

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThese are a few candids from a recent photo shoot in Prospect Park of two young sisters:  which one do you think is shier, which one a little more fearless? Taking a decent photograph of someone […]

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Bubbles, blooms and flying babies

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrGreat session in Riverside Park. I love shooting outdoors, and Mother Nature could not have been more cooperative.  It was fun to play with the variations in light, too — full-on sunlight, green backgrounds, shade, […]

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And I even got to ride their horse!

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI headed to Cooperstown to spend the day on location with a favorite family on their horse farm, where I hung out with family members of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties.  I’ve been photographing […]

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The Karma of Photography

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI’m not a very groovy person, but … a Karmic+ truth has revealed itself! OK, this truth has actually been a journey, but it finally sank through my thick skull so I’m passing it along […]

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