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Even though she can’t talk yet…

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblr… this sweet little girl was so expressive that she didn’t need words to make me feel like I was being entertained by the best storyteller ever during this photo session!

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Guest Blog from my 2-year old client

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrWell-chosen accessories will convey your unique style. Today I’ve asked professional photographer Brett Deutsch to help share my personal top picks with you. 1. Floppy hat to protect that youthful complexion. 2. Two flashes of […]

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She reads, she flies, she melts our hearts

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrHey there. We’re here for our family portraits. You go set up. I’ll be with you in a minute … this is the best part of the book. These are my peeps.  Pretty cute, huh? […]

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I Heart Pink

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrOr, “What I imagine my young client was thinking at her family photo shoot in Central Park”: Yeah, I’m pretty happy today. I got pink shoes… …this pink sippy cup… …Mama’s pink cheek… …um, duh! […]

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Photo Caption Contest!

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThe New Yorker we’re not, but this smash cake photo series taken last week needs a caption, don’t you think?  Submit your best caption for these portraits on Facebook or in the blog comments.  Winner […]

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When you smile, the world smiles with you

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrMy photography business grew enough in 2013 that, as I mentioned in a past post, my 2014 New Year’s resolution is to amp up the FUN (good for the health of the business and the […]

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