Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits capture a beautiful time in your pregnancy and your life.   

Your professional maternity photos should be ALL about you (not your photographer).

What do you want your maternity portraits to express about you and this time in  your life?  Expectant mothers undergo a miraculous, beautiful, funny, frustrating, nerve-wracking, wondrous experience that no one else can begin to imagine, and we’ll work together to photograph whichever aspects of that you want.  It’s not about my style as a professional photographer, it’s about yours as a mom-to-be — whether that means earth mother, ethereal beauty, wry comic, sexy mama or all of the above. 

The most flattering thing an expectant mom can wear for her maternity portrait is … great lighting.

Light loves pregnant women. I’m not shy about saying that I’m a talented maternity photographer, but the most important trick in my bag is great light. Luckily, I have that in abundance at my Manhattan photography studio, and Mother Nature also does a great job during my outdoor maternity shoots. I’ll take care of the light, but you should put some thought into what you want to wear, whether that’s a scarf and a bare stomach, a close-fitting top that emphasizes the baby, a long, flowing dress, or something else. Look at my gallery, and then let’s discuss.

Check out my packages and rates, then call or email me to schedule your shoot. And don’t forget — time is of the essence, more so now than at any other time in your life.