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Central Park Portraits for Holiday Card

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrIt’s baby’s first fall, so this mom and dad took full advantage of Central Park’s autumnal glory for a family photo shoot. And just like that, their holiday card is done!

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Baby’s Got the Dance Moves

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrShe may not be able to walk yet, but that didn’t stop her from dancing up a storm in Central Park.

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Dandelion Wishes

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThis little girl has her priorities right! She took a moment from her family portrait shoot in Central Park to make a wish on a dandelion.  

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Rare Sighting of The Great Pumpkin!


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1 family, 3 generations, and 457 smiles

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI can’t believe they call this “work.” Whenever I photograph this family, it’s nothing but fun. Harlem Meer @ Central Park was the perfect setting.  #Happiness #Energy #Love

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Smithsonian-Worthy Family Portrait

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrThe Onion recently posted a funny little article about how hard it is to get a perfect family portrait: Calling the image an important addition to their collection, officials from the Smithsonian National Museum of […]

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Play Date @ Central Park

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI photographed this family and their friends last weekend at Central Park’s Upper Pond and Tarr Family Playground. Between the pond, the playground sprayers and the water balloons, there was plenty of water and shade […]

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Fast forward

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrMet up with my clients for their family portrait session in Central Park and couldn’t believe my eyes. I photographed Noah as a baby and a toddler — now look at him! Flip through to […]

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Field Day!

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrWho doesn’t love a good field day? The weather was great, Central Park was beautiful, the competition was fierce and the smiles were huge.

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Mother Nature welcomes Mother-to-Be

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrSpent a recent afternoon in Central Park with Brian and Amy and their Upcoming First Edition.  Mother Nature went all in for the maternity shoot — beautiful weather, lovely flowers, and a sunny disposition for […]

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This Bud’s for You

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrJust last week this graphic by Brooklyn Botanical Garden showed only one cherry tree in bloom — now look at it! The blossoms are here, the cherry trees pink — they’re incredibly pretty (and man, […]

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Which came first: this boy’s hair or the color of a changing leaf?

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrI realize the order of events may seem off, but when God created autumn, he HAD to have used Ezra’s hair and eyes as reference points for the leaves and sky.  Central Park was the […]

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Holiday Card in Autumn’s Royal Hues

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrTupelo. Oak. Red Maple. Black Cherry. Elm. Sweet Gum. Sassafrass. According to expert sources like New York Botanical Garden and the Central Park Conservancy, the trees that populate NYC parks are on the verge of their […]

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Golden Haze, 5 More Days

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrSummer is on the wain, and the first day of fall is less than a week away. The morning and afternoon light in the parks is perfection. Grab the sunbeams while you can, and have […]

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I Heart Pink

FacebookTwitteremailLinkedinPinterestRedditTumblrOr, “What I imagine my young client was thinking at her family photo shoot in Central Park”: Yeah, I’m pretty happy today. I got pink shoes… …this pink sippy cup… …Mama’s pink cheek… …um, duh! […]

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