This Bud’s for You

Just last week this graphic by Brooklyn Botanical Garden showed only one cherry tree in bloom --- now look at it! The blossoms are here, the cherry trees pink --…

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Luke, I am your father

I admit it -- this post's title sounds a lot better coming from Darth Vader.*  Besides, I'm not your father, I'm your photographer. And your name's not Luke. No better sign…

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The Karma of Photography

I'm not a very groovy person, but ... a Karmic+ truth has revealed itself! OK, this truth has actually been a journey, but it finally sank through my thick skull…

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I Heart Pink

Or, "What I imagine my young client was thinking at her family photo shoot in Central Park": Yeah, I'm pretty happy today. I got pink shoes... ...this pink sippy cup...…

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Sure, rain on my parade!

  Because we'll still have fun. Great day in Central Park with Paulo and his lovely wife Maria, in town for the week from Brazil. The rain dampened no one's…

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