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Guest Blog from my 2-year old client

Well-chosen accessories will convey your unique style. Today I’ve asked professional photographer Brett Deutsch to help share my personal top picks with you. 1. Floppy hat to protect that youthful complexion. 2. Two flashes of […]

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And I even got to ride their horse!

I headed to Cooperstown to spend the day on location with a favorite family on their horse farm, where I hung out with family members of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties.  I’ve been photographing […]

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The Karma of Photography

I’m not a very groovy person, but … a Karmic+ truth has revealed itself! OK, this truth has actually been a journey, but it finally sank through my thick skull so I’m passing it along […]

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Loosening Up

Most people find it a little nerve-wracking to be in front of the camera, which leads to tight smiles and tense expressions.  My solution?  A good dose of silly.  I’ve found this not only relaxes […]

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