When you’re trying to corral the baby, the children, the dog, and/or the grandparents, preparing for your family photo shoot can get a little hectic. Here’s a handy-dandy checklist to be sure you make the most of your portrait session.


  1. Bring one or two additional changes of clothes for babies & small children, both for variety and in case of mishaps. Clothes should be comfortable, clean and pressed. Wear whatever you like and feel good in. The outfits certainly doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, unless that’s your thing, but give a thought to how the colors and/or styles will work together. One large group of toddler cousins once all wore superhero undies, and the results were undeniably adorable.
  2. Personal props that participants find engaging (toys, a favorite stuffed animal, that special dog toy, baby’s special blankie) can add personality to the photos.
  3. I’ve got plenty of tunes, but if you have favorites, bring ’em along.
  4. It’s always good to have a hairbrush or comb, extra diapers if needed, and snacks for the kids if you’ve booked a longer shoot.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t forget the kids!

If you want a few more tips, check out the FAQs and these pointers from my favorite little assistants.  In the end, the most important thing is to have fun — that’s the fail-safe way to get great shots that you’ll treasure for years to come. 


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