About Us

Capturing The Fleeting Moments

with New York’s Leading Baby, Family & Child Portrait Photographer

Gotham Family Photography photographs those moments and milestones you want to remember forever.  Sound corny?  It won’t when you go back again and again to look at our pictures of your new baby grinning up at you for the first time, or her look of glee when Dad does his duck imitation, or the sheer joy of smashing her first birthday cake.

Or perhaps your little crawler is now toddling?  Starting first grade?  Having a bar mitzvah or celebrating sweet sixteen?  Heading off to college?  All the moments big and small in your family’s life are important, and we’d love to help you remember them forever.

Your Family Breaks the Mold

Your family is made up of the most extraordinary people on earth (obviously), and our photos will reveal just how unique you are. One baby may be chill as a cucumber with soulful eyes that seem to have lived another life, another has the waving hands of a conductor. The toddler is in perpetual motion, the teenager hides behind her bangs.  Your own smile is finally captured in a way that, miracle of miracles, even you love.

Our specialty is recognizing what’s special about your family and what’s special to you. Who wants a photograph that could have been purchased in a frame at your drugstore? Not you, right?

Good. That means we’re meant for each other!

What Services Does Gotham Family Photos Provide?

In addition to our gorgeous baby, child and family portrait sessions at our studio or your home or favorite outdoor location, we offer Smash Cake sessions, holiday portraits, Year in the Life multi-portrait sessions and more.  Just take your pick of portrait packages. We photograph families every step of the way, from maternity to first day to special events like christenings, baby naming ceremonies, baptisms, brises, birthdays, bar mitvahs, and family reunions.

Who Is Gotham Family Photos?

Gotham Family Photos is owned by Brett Deutsch, one of the top baby and family photographers in New York and the Tri-State area.  Brett has been a passionate photographer for nearly 30 years.  No matter who or what he’s photographing — portraits, landscapes, animals or events — he aims to capture images that are truthful and powerful.  As a documentarian, he likes to suggest an entire story with a single photograph.  Check out Brett’s photo blog, which revisits the year he spent traveling around the world with his (then) brand-new wife.   Looking for something other than family photography?  Brett does other beautiful portrait and people photography, including headshots for actors and professionals and he is one of NY’s top wedding and event photographers.

The owner of Gotham Family Photos with his family

Brett Deutsch with his niece and nephew